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San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Hear from Darci Owens who has worked for the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo since October 2014 and currently…

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3 Excel Formula Frustrations That Every Event Producer Runs Into

Live event production is no easy task. There are many moving elements that must move in sync to produce a successful live event.…

How to Find the Right Live Event Production Partner

Planning and executing a large scale event is a demanding feat that cannot be accomplished without the right team. One of the most…

What is a Production Cue Sheet?

Defining / Explaining Production Cue Sheets An event production cue sheet is a document that states the sequence of technical cues for a particular…
ibtm techwatch awards

Shoflo Is A Techwatch Finalist And Heading To IBTM World Barcelona!

We are very excited to announce we have been nominated a top 10 finalist for the Techwatch Award at the ibtm World 2016 event in Barcelona,…
Shoflo Docs feature

Introducing “Docs”

  Now you can upload your PDFs, stage renderings, video files, walk-on music, GIFs and more directly into Shoflo with Docs!  We're excited to…
Undo feature in shoflo

Shoflo: How we built “undo”

Get the inside scoop in this month's blog post on how the Shoflo team researched and developed our unique Undo functionality.
Shoflo scheduling feature

Introducing “Schedules” on Shoflo

We're super excited to announce Schedules, a brand new way to create your production, technical, and rehearsal schedules with the real-time power of…
Shoflo Lists feature

Introducing “Lists” on Shoflo

With Lists, you can create contact, vendor, asset, catering lists and more on the back of Shoflo's powerful real-time and collaborative functionality.
IC expo using shoflo

Event Production Software Trends

While technology has had a vibrant effect on your day to day life, it has introduced profound ramifications for live events...

How Much Paper is Wasted at Events?

It’s no secret that production companies consume large quantities of paper running live event productions and corporate meetings.  The very nature of live…
Shoflo 4K Viewing Distance

If You Want to Nerd Out on 4K, Check This Out

4K is starting to break into the consumer market on a large scale. Similar to any new technology, initial adoption rates are slow,…
sport production using shoflo

Producing Live Sports

Sports production is an exciting and fast paced segment of live event production. The numerous subjects, quick pace, timeouts, commercial breaks and unexpected…
Rob Jones

What Does A Live Event Producer Do?

There are few roles more important in event production than the role of a producer. They are responsible for so much, essentially planning…
Crowd at an event

Showing Up at Shoflo

We are making it better every day because you keep letting us know what is kicking butt, what is making your lives better…

Stage Manager’s Review of Shoflo

Alice Perlmutter is a stage manager specializing in corporate events, broadcast, awards shows, press events and more. She has been stage managing in…