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Game-Scripting with the Miami Marlins and New Orleans Saints

Take a deep dive into the time savings of the Global Element Manager with Heather Molander from the Miami Marlins and Kyle Campbell from the New Orleans Saints.

Back to Basics: A Rundown & Prompter Demo

On this webinar, we dive into Shoflo Rundown & Prompter, learning tips, tricks and best practices on how Shoflo can make you and your crew more efficient.

Q2 Product Webinar Highlights

Learn about the new and exciting features and products you can be on the lookout for as we move through the year.

Back to Sports: A Rundown Refresher

Now that sports are making a comeback, it's a great time to get reacquainted with your RUNDOWN SOFTWARE.

2021 – Q1 Product Webinar

Learn about the new and exciting features and products you can be on the lookout for as we move through the year.

Customer Spotlight Webinar with Augustin Perret

Learn how Shoflo Prompter integrates with your run of show and can be shared with remote presenters anywhere in the world.

2020 Q4 Product Webinar: Remote Prompter

Learn how Shoflo Prompter integrates with your run of show and can be shared with remote presenters anywhere in the world.

Shoflo Studio: A Deep Dive

Learn about our new live-streaming software, Shoflo Studio, and see how this easy-to-use tool will allow you to produce a better show than standard webinar software.
Colorado Rapids Customer Spotlight Webinar

Colorado Rapids

Hear from Mark and Ryan of the Colorado Rapids on how they pivoted from game presentation to using their control room for what is now called the “second-screen viewing party.”

2020 – Q3 Product Webinar

Watch to learn about our new remote prompter feature and also to get a first look at a brand new product we're working on that's designed for putting on virtual…

San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Hear from Darci Owens who has worked for the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo since October 2014 and currently serves as the Rodeo Officer. Darci is also chairman of…

Cerner Corporation

Hear from Austin Hable as he shares how he leads the team at Cerner that has ownership over the technical execution of internal- and external-facing events and broadcasts.

Uncle Toad’s Media Group

Chris Steblay & Rima Rackauskas from Uncle Toad's Media Group are going to share how they use Shoflo to produce culturally relevant live broadcasts and captivating storylines.

2020 – Q2 Product Webinar

Active-User Indicators, Crew Chat, Over/Under Time, and more! Watch this Quarterly Product Webinar to learn about the new features coming to Shoflo.

Mary Kay

Ginger Evans, Content Producer at Mary Kay Inc. US Event Productions shares how she uses Shoflo to pull off large corporate events.

MSUM Dragon Athletics

Jon Wepking, the Assistant AD for Marketing & Production for MSUM Dragon Athletics, shares how he uses Shoflo to lead an award-winning production crew comprised primarily of volunteers.

Riot Games

Depa is a Broadcast Producer for Riot Games, based in their Berlin Offices. At Riot, he works on the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) team and collaborates with Riot's…

Vegas Golden Knights

After spending time with the San Jose Sharks and the Detroit Red Wings, Ayron is now the Executive Director of Entertainment for the Vegas Golden Knights and is going to…

New Orleans Saints

Learn from Kyle Campbell how the New Orleans Saints used Shoflo to help them earn the title of #1 in Overall Gameday Satisfaction and #1 in Game Entertainment in the…

Louisiana State University

Watch our conversation with Jason Suitt from LSU, a sports marketing professional with over 18 years of experience in marketing, promotions, licensing and event management.

Multi Image Group

For over 40 years and having produced over 5,239 shows, for over 193 clients, in more than 275 cities around the globe, Multi Image Group is no stranger to live…

2019 – Q4 Product Webinar

Watch our last product webinar of 2019 as we cover topics like the new iOS Mobile App, new feature ideas, shortcuts, and more.

2019 – Q3 Product Webinar

This quarter we take some time to cover templates and tease the new User Interface which enters public beta On August 1st, 2019

2019 – Q2 Product Webinar

This quarter we covered the changes coming to Display & Prompter view, the public beta for the new PDF Export and, we teased the new Active Collaborator feature entering private…

49ers & WMU

In this Customer spotlight webinar we cover Game Presentation by the San Francisco 49ers and Western Michigan University.

2019 – Q1 Product Webinar

This quarter we discussed the recent updates to our Global Elements Manager, improvements to our Prompter View, and teased our upcoming update to exports.

Atlanta Braves & Salt Lake Bees

Jessie Powell of the Atlanta Braves and Nikki Sim of the Salt Lake Bees discuss their approaches to creating game scripts and handling special use cases.