Rundown Software for Worship Production

Create your run sheets, production schedules, lists and docs in real-time and from one place. Changes instantly appear on all devices without having to email new versions. 

Shoflo Worship Cue Sheet


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Your production scripts are constantly changing

And Excel can't keep up

Your scripts the old way
Your game scripts the Shoflo way

Reduce pre-worship drafts

Shoflo's real-time cloud-based platform auto-saves and distributes the latest version to every member on your team - without sending dozens of emails and attachments.

No more complicated version naming with auto-saved shows

Edits made by you or your crew are instantly sent to everyone

Cloud-based means you can access your show from anywhere

Edit history for each cell means you'll never lose your changes

Shoflo customer Andrew Stone

"Shoflo has made it possible for me to quickly and effectively get information into people’s hands for a show without having a meeting or needing to explain things to people individually."

Andrew Stone, Church on the Move

Shoflo reducing pre worship drafts

Keep your worship crew on the same "page"

With Show Caller Tracking, the entire crew can follow the show caller thru the service as they advance from cue to cue or between different shows, regardless of where they are.  When a row is tracked, your viewport will auto adjust to the new item and the row will become bright blue to really stand out.

See how much time is left with the Item Run Time clock

Track or call your shows from any device

Viewports will auto scroll to display the newly tracked item

Help refine timing and pacing by using tracking during rehearsals

"Shoflo allowed me to quickly build out my schedule in half the time it took in Excel."

Dave Bruno, Kingdom Bound Ministries

Shoflo Worship Tracking

Church on the Move uses Shoflo to better serve their church

"When you can make it personal you recognize the vested interest a production professional has in bringing something to life. And when people feel invested, their performance is better and the ministry performs better."

- Andrew Stone, Church on the Move

Shoflo customer Church on the Move

Invite leaders and worship directors for collaboration

Keep everyone in the loop by inviting them directly into your rundown and effortlessly shape your worship flow. Send out a Guest Pass link to provide a minimally formatted, read-only view of your show!

You can send as many guest pass links as you want

Control what others can edit with permission levels

Increase involvement by inviting users

"Shoflo is helping my team better serve our church and do what we’ve been called to do."

Andrew Stone, Church on the Move

Shoflo Worship Collaboration

Upload worship graphics and video loops

Help your volunteer graphic's tech know exactly which image to display by uploading the image directly into their column. You can also insert GIFs for title sequences, highlight reels, volunteer graphics and more.

Upload images from your hard drive, link to external sources, or link to ones you've uploaded to Shoflo Docs.

Every popular file type supported including JPG, PNG, and GIF

Shoflo Worship Images and Graphics

Combine Your Prompter Scripts & Rundowns

Build your scripts right within your event rundown. Create a personalized column view for each user & easily export to PDF, XLS, and Word. 

Shoflo reducing pre-game drafts