Keep Your Crew Together

Show caller tracking gives you the ability to rehearse out of order, jump between shows, keep your team on the same page, and automatically scroll through the cue sheet.

Edit Rundowns & Schedules in Real-Time

Forget the days of outdated printed rundowns and lengthy email chains with multiple versions. Shoflo enables you and your team to view and make updates to cue sheets, schedules, game scripts, lists, and other event documents in real-time, from any device. The Shoflo workflow ensures that your entire team always has the most recent versions of event documents, saving you time and energy.

Rest Assured With Automatic Time Calculations

Shoflo comes packaged with everything you need to create and run events more efficiently. Forget complicated Excel timing functions and let Shoflo time out your script for you. Every item in your rundown can be assigned a duration, and Shoflo will automatically calculate your show's timing and make adjustments as your event progresses in real-time.

Customize Industry-Standard Templates

Shoflo utilizes an easy-to-use, industry-standard layout that can be customized to your unique needs. Easily duplicate past events or save custom rundown and schedule templates for ongoing usage so you'll never have to build an event from scratch again. See all of the events across your team and standardize the way your various producers build and manage production documents.

Assign Role-Oriented Permissions

Four different crew permission levels give you control of what a crew member can and can't do. Read-only users can only view documents, contributors can only make basic cell edits, and admins and show callers have full editing permissions. If you have clients, vendors, or crew members who need to be kept in the loop but don't need a full Shoflo account, you can send them a Guest Pass link to view your cue sheet or schedule.

Dynamically Toggle Between Views

Shoflo makes it easy to switch between live production views. You can quickly toggle between building scripts in Shoflo, integrating a prompter within the rundown (Display & Prompter View), and keeping everyone on the same page with Shoflo backstage (Display View).

Easily Import and Export Shows

Shoflo streamlines event document management. You can upload CSV files of previous shows, schedules, and lists to be turned into templates and reused, or you can export current rundowns, schedules, and lists to PDFs and Excel files to be printed or emailed to your team.


Share info quickly with built-in chat.

Be in active communication with your presenters and production team with real-time chat and also send clear, visual cues to presenters so they know when they are live and when they should be ready.