Build real time run sheets & production schedules with your team.

Shoflo enables your team to always have the latest changes with our collaborative approach to building onsite schedules & show run downs.

Shoflo Production Cue Sheet
Some of Shoflo's current customers
Some of Shoflo's current customers

Your productions are constantly changing

And Excel can't keep up

The Old Way
The Shoflo Way

Build, run, and manage your entire event collaboratively in real time.

Create your run sheets, production schedules, lists and docs in real-time and from one place.  Changes instantly appears on all devices without having to email new versions.

Access Shoflo from any device and any browser, anywhere

Build from the office on your PC or make last second changes backstage on your phone, Shoflo is 100% browser and cloud based with no download required.

End to end platform for managing events

Invite your crew or client and easily manage their editing permissions.  Duplicate last years event so you don't always start from scratch.

See all of Shoflo's features

Shoflo\'s Real Time Collaboration Features

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Start building your show in 60 seconds.  Your first 7 days are free.  No credit card required.

Some of Shoflo's current customers
Some of Shoflo's current customers

An event production platform with a suite of products for building schedules, distributing documents and calling live shows.

Create your run downs and shows with CUE

Cue is the root of our entire platform enabling you to build your complex shows at a lightning pace with numerous powerful features.  Put away those complex Excel timing functions and watch as Auto Time Calculations handles the math for you.  Follow the Show Caller as they advance through the show with auto viewport adjusting and see how much time you're over or under with the Item Run Time Clock.

Built using CUE:

Show Flow

Run of Show

Game Script / Log


Worship Order

Production Cue Sheet

Cue2Cue (q2q)

Shoflo Cue
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Plan every hour of your event with Schedules

Easily build and distribute your event's production and technical schedules in real time without having to worry about version control and making sure everyone is up to date.  Invite clients and venues in to help you build or send them a Guest Pass link, which is a special read only view of your schedule!

Built using Schedule:

Onsite Schedule

Daily Agenda

Rehearsal Schedule


Hotel Schedule

Game Day Outline

Breakout Manager

Shoflo Production Schedule
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Keep track of crew and equipment with Lists

Use Shoflo to build lists of crew contact information, equipment lists, video asset lists and more.  You get all of the powerful real time functionality that Shoflo has to offer so you can collaboratively build out your lists with your entire crew.  Use image and link insert to build a media-rich asset list filled with your event's photos, videos, and graphics.

Built using Lists:

Contact List

Mic Assignments

Speaker Headshots


Video Asset List

Shot List

DSM Presets

Shoflo Lists
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Upload and share production files with Docs

For everything you can't yet create in Shoflo, you can upload it to Shoflo Docs for your entire crew to view.  Couple it with file insert in your shows and you can directly link to those files making it easier than ever to share and collaborate on your production files.

Shared using Docs:

Room Drawings

Lighting Plots

Stage Renderings

Activation Comps

Projection Cones

Video / Audio Files

Shoflo Docs
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Organize ALL of your projects with Event Manager

With an answer for nearly every aspect of your production, you can use Shoflo as an event manager to manage your event.  With effortless crew invite and permission management you can fine tune what each crew member can do.  Labels and owners offer a quick way to categorize and filter your events.

Key features of Event Manager:

Access Past Events

Event Templates

Create Labels

Event Owners

Event Dates

Event Branding

Shoflo Event Manager
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Use the Shoflo suite across all production types


Shoflo Sports

Professional & Collegiate teams use Shoflo for their score board & in-game presentations


Shoflo Events

Corporate events & concert use Shoflo to build production run downs, onsite schedules & more.


Shoflo Worship

Churches and more use Shoflo to run their Sunday service and event productions

Drury Design uses Shoflo to produce


Shoflo - Chris Drury

"For the first time in production, Shoflo represents the way I want all my shows to be organized, distributed, and run from now on."

- Chris Drury, Drury Design Dynamics

IBM Insight 2014

Say goodbye to endless email chains of new schedule versions

Your pre-production process likely includes countless email chains and multiple out of date draft versions of production schedules which wastes time, money and paper. With Shoflo, you can reach inbox zero since revisions don't need to be emailed out; they're saved so everyone always has the latest versions.

Shoflo\'s Real Time Collaboration Features

Real Time Edits

Any edit you or a crew member make instantly appears on everyone's screens

Desktop & Mobile

Build your shows on your laptop in your office or on a tablet at the coffee shop

Import & Export

Import your shows into Shoflo and export them to CSV, XLS, and PDF

Crew Permissions

Limit who can do what with four different crew permissions including a Read-Only view

Make it yours with personalization

You probably like doing things a little different than your coworkers.  That's why Shoflo offers several different personalization options that are visible only to you.  The "My Notes" column offers a way to record private notes for your personal use.  Personal highlights can offer a visual indicator to remind you of items relevant to your role, and your column order can also be personalized and columns irrelevant to you can be hidden.

Shoflo\'s Real Time Collaboration Features

The Los Angeles Rams use Shoflo for their

Game Day Presentation

Shoflo - Chris Slepokura

"Shoflo gave us a fresh start, revitalizing the way we worked with our scripts. The online platform was a much better workflow than Excel or Word and the instant updates made our game days run more efficiently."

- Chris Slepokura, Los Angeles Rams

Shoflo and the Rams

Track the show caller as they advance through the cue sheet

When your team is on the same page, you can plan, rehearse and execute more efficiently. Show caller tracking let's your whole team automatically follow as you move around Shoflo. Rehearse out of order, even out of day and know your crew is on the same page.

Keep your crew together

When your crew is tracking you as the show caller, their screens will automatically scroll as you move from cue to cue so no one gets lost.

Great for rehearsals

Many of our customers use show caller tracking when rehearsing their shows. Tracking helps to refine timing, cue order, and fine-tuning everyone's responsibilities.