Build agendas, schedules, run-downs, and scripts

Edits are instant, invite anyone, access from anywhere, use any device

Sample Shoflo Corporate Cue Sheet
Some of Shoflo's current customers
Some of Shoflo's current customers

Shoflo is dynamic, unlike Excel

When productions use Excel, they limit the flow of communication. When changes come (which they always do), they must be updated in Excel, saved as a new version, and then re-printed and distributed to your crew.

Your workflow with Excel

Your current collaboration workflow with Excel

Your workflow with Shoflo

Your collaboration workflow with Shoflo

Create run downs, cue sheets & scripts in real time.

Collaborate with your team in real time throughout the entire production process. Any changes you or a member of your team makes instantly appears on other people's devices. Last second changes from the client? No problem, just make your change and relax.

Edit and iterate in real time with your team
Any changes you or a crew member makes instantly propagates to everyone on your crew on every device.  This means nobody ever has any outdated shows, which saves paper and time.
Cross platform & multi-device support
Unlike other programs, Shoflo doesn't require a download.  Shoflo is 100% browser and cloud based so all you need is an internet connected device to access and use all of Shoflo's amazing features.

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Shoflo\'s Real Time Collaboration Features


"This software “changes the game” in terms of instant updates, user flexibility and personalization in note making."

All Column View
Custom multi column view  in your cue sheet in Shoflo

Custom views

Shoflo gives you a dedicated "My Notes" column that only you can see.  You can also add Personal Highlights to any cue so it visually stands out.  Producer & Show Callers can add Global Highlights that are seen by everyone.

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Single Column View
Single column custom view in Shoflo

Let us walk you and your team through all the features of Shoflo with a 20 minute online demonstration of the software.

Shoflo customer Drury Design Dynamics  logo

"For the first time in production, Shoflo represents the way I want all my shows to be organized, distributed, and run from now on."

Shoflo customer Chris Drury
Chris Drury, President, Drury Design Dynamics

Track the show caller

When your team is on the same page, you can plan, rehearse and execute more efficiently.  Show caller tracking let's your whole team automatically follow as you move around Shoflo.  Rehearse out of order, even out of day and know your crew is on the same page.

Keep your crew together
When your crew is tracking you as the show caller, their screens will automatically scroll as you move from cue to cue.  No one gets lost.
Great for rehearsals
Many of our customers use show caller tracking when rehearsing their shows.  Tracking helps to refine timing, cue order, and fine-tuning everyone's responsibilities.

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Shoflo\'s Real Time Tracking Capabilities
Shoflo\'s PDF, XLS, and CSV export/import support

PDF, XLS, and CSV support

Export your shows to generic and personal PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and CSVs.  You can also import your own spreadsheets or shows into Shoflo as properly formatted CSVs.

Personal Row Highlights in Shoflo

Personal Highlights

Make item rows relevant to you stand out with personal highlights visible only to you. With six different colors to choose from, you can make sure you never miss your cue.

Shoflo\'s auto time calculations functionality

Auto Time Calculations

Put the calculators away and let Shoflo compute your timing.  Set a start time and a duration, and Shoflo will auto-calculate the times of all subsequent cues.