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9 Common Mistakes When Live Streaming and How to Avoid Them

Live video streaming is a powerful medium in today's age. It's also something that anyone can do, from just about anywhere! However, there are some common live-streaming mistakes you'll want…

See It Live: A Beginner’s Guide on How to Live-Stream

Learn how to stream like a pro and broadcast to anyone, anywhere.

The Importance of a Meeting Agenda

Without having a plan in place, meetings can run off the rails. Here's everything you need to know about the importance of having a meeting agenda.

How to Plan a Virtual Event

Virtual events are quickly becoming the new standard across dozens of industries. Here are some important things you need to know about how to plan a virtual event.

Lights. Camera. Audio… How to improve your remote video conferencing setup.

This article is going to highlight a few of the ways you can improve how you look and sound when participating in a video conference.

What is a rundown?

Also known as a show flow, cue sheet, run of show, minute-by-minute, or agenda, a Rundown is an item-by-item sequence of events that will happen within a given show, event,…

5 Ways a Run of Show Can Enhance Your Next Virtual Event

Though your audience may be alone at home while watching your next virtual event, it does not guarantee they are free from distraction. Check out our latest blog on how…

Lee Magnet High School Case Study

[3 min. read] Lee Magnet High School Students Prepare for Future Jobs by Learning Shoflo

Rams Case Study

[3 min. read] Chris Slepokura, Director of Broadcast Production for the Los Angeles Rams discusses how they got a fresh start with game scripts by switching to Shoflo.

Orlando Magic Case Study

[5 min. read] Shelly Wilkes, fmr. Director of Event Presentation for the Orlando Magic shares how the Orlando Magic cut script building time by 50% after switching to Shoflo.

Cramer Case Study

[4 min. read] Steve Francomano, fmr. VP of Technical Service for Cramer shares how Cramer increased company-wide efficiency using Shoflo.
Shoflo customer Church on the Move

COTM Case Study

[4 min. read] The late Andrew Stone, Former Production Director for Church on the Move, shared how COTM expedited their script building processes.
Shoflo being used by KBO Group

KBOgroup Case Study

[4 min. read] Keith Oberfeld, Executive Producer and Owner at KBOgroup shares how they removed 4-5 hours from their workflow.

BYU Case Study

[4 min. video] Bryce Lake, Marketing Coordinator at BYU Athletics, discusses how BYU switched their scripting software mid-season.

Clemson Case Study

[2 min. video] Mike Money, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Game Management at Clemson University, talks about their switch to Shoflo.