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UCF Knights Case Study

[3 min. video] David Belawski, Director of Production, and Jimmy Skiles, Associate AD for Fan Development, discuss how UCF's Marketing & Production teams build game scripts together in Shoflo.
Shoflo customer Phillies' stadium

Phillies Case Study

[6 min. read] Sean Rainey, Manager Video Production for the Philadelphia Phillies, shares how they cut script building by 75% after switching to Shoflo mid-season.
Charlotte Hornets production crew looking at game script on television monitor

Charlotte Hornets Case Study

[3 min. video] Emily Ladd, Senior Manager Event Presentation at Charlotte Hornets, shares how they slashed their scripting time by 50%.

TEDx Case Study

[5 min. read] Learn how TEDx Orlando used Shoflo's event production software in this interview with Alex Rudloff and Melissa Koch.
The event production crew at TED 2018

TED Case Study

[4 min. read] Mina Sabet, Director of Production/Video Operations at TED, shares how TED2018 invited 213 Users into Shoflo to pull off their event.

Salt Lake Bees Case Study

[3 min. read] Nikki Sim, Game Operations & Marketing Manager for the Salt Lake Bees, shares how switching from Excel to Shoflo allowed the Bees to build Game Scripts in…

Vegas Golden Knights Case Study

[5 min. video] Industry experts Jonny Greco and Ayron Sequeira from the Las Vegas Golden Knights discuss how they deliver amazing game presentation experiences for their fans using Shoflo.
UK liveshow ESL using shoflo rundown software

ESL UK Case Study

[3 min. read] Sam Deans, Former Executive Producer for ESL UK, discusses how ESL manages scripts for live Esports events.

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sport production using shoflo

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