Rundown Software for Game Scripts

Shoflo equips game day professionals to build and distribute game scripts in real time and run a more dynamic game presentation

Shoflo\'s sports rundown game scripting software

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Create game scripts with Shoflo

Creating scripts

Create your game scripts & rundowns 50% faster than Excel

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Distribute script updates with Shoflo

Distributing updates

Say goodbye to email chains and messy version control

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Run games easier with Shoflo

Running games

Call your games more efficiently and dynamically, in real time

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Reporting metrics

Easily generate sponsorship reports and view activity data

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You'll be in great company with these winning teams
A selection of Shoflo\'s game scripting customers

Create your game scripts twice as fast as you would in Excel

The Orlando Magic switched from Excel and in their first season with Shoflo they experienced a 50% reduction in the time they spent script building.  Over the course of a season, this added up to 20 days of savings.

Create your game scripts with Shoflo

Auto Time Calculations = less time wasted on broken formulas

Auto time calculations

Merge your rundowns & PA reads in to
one platform

Merge Excel and Word in to Shoflo

Find and replace content

Find and replace

Quickly find content in your show and replace it with new content at the click of a button

Upload docs and files
Doc & file uploads

Upload any file type for access & download by crew in your event with event document management

Full show edit history

Full edit history

Get a play-by-play overview of when edits were made in your show, and who made them

Format text content with highlights and colors

Baked-in formatting & highlights

Format text on a per-character & per cell basis and utilize full-row highlights to make elements pop

Access your content anywhere

Access anywhere

Edit in the control room on your laptop, or on the field with our iPhone & iPad apps

Duplicate shows and templates

Game templates & duplication

Utilize templates game-to-game, and duplication to make quick copies of your existing information

Global Elements let's you create an element library you
can re-use from season to season

Shoflo's 100% real-time environment keeps everyone up to speed on last second changes

Real time edits are seen by everyone

The Clemson Tigers switched from Excel to Shoflo

“To be honest, we were blown away, I didn't realize just how much time Excel was costing my team until we switched to Shoflo. The biggest benefit for us is the improved workflow. Everyone just pulls up Shoflo and the information’s there. Whether it’s myself or someone else inputting information, it’s no longer a process. It’s second nature to us already. Shoflo makes life so much easier.”

- Mike Money, Clemson Tigers

Distribute your game scripts to your entire crew, without opening Outlook or Gmail

Distribute game updates to everyone

Save hours each game by leveraging the
work you’ve already done

Easily duplicate past shows and events

Download your scripts as customized PDF, XLS and Word documents

Download scripts as PDF, XLS, and Word

Every crew member in your event can customize the
look and feel of Shoflo to their liking

Shoflo Cue Sheet Personalization

The Los Angeles Rams use Shoflo for their Game Day Presentation

"Shoflo gave us a fresh start, revitalizing the way we worked with our scripts. The online platform was a much better workflow than Excel or Word and the instant updates made our game days run more efficiently."

- Chris Slepokura, Los Angeles Rams

With Shoflo, your game script can finally be as dynamic as your live game environment

Run games more efficiently

Shoflo helps to keep your game day crew on the same page

Create floating elements for those quick elements that aren't in the running order

Create floating elements

Shoflo's Featured View offers a real time
script formatted for PA Reads

BYU switched their scripting software to Shoflo midseason

“We were nervous at first, but the switch ended up being awesome! We grow each game with who has access, who is contributing... one of the best things about Shoflo is how my team now has access to things they didn't have before.”

- Bryce Lake, BYU Athletics

Built in reporting functionality keeps track of elements that ran and those that didn’t

Shoflo automatically archives and organizes every game you run, and the accuracy of your scripts is automatic with proof of performance and auto-timestamping, providing your marketing team with a script that reflects what actually happened during the game.

Report game metrics from within Shoflo

Performance tracking allows for easy sponsor reporting

Add categories and tags to global elements
for easy access and organization

Categories and tags

The UCF Knights' marketing & production teams build scripts together

“Shoflo has been a godsend for us. I don’t think I could ever go back to paper scripts. Working with Shoflo has been so incredibly simple. We build our scripts in Shoflo and everyone can see the changes, once it’s done it’s done and we can move on with the rest of our jobs."

- David Belawski, UCF Knights