Rundown Software
for Game Scripts

Build & distribute game scripts in real-time and run a more dynamic game presentation.

Create your game scripts twice as fast.

The Orlando Magic switched from Excel and in their first season with Shoflo, experienced a 50% reduction in time spent script building. Over the course of a season, this added up to 20 days of savings. 

• Templates carry over highlights, images, and font formatting
• Edits made to templates won't affect other shows
• Use templates in other events with cross-event copy

Distribute your game scripts to your entire crew in real-time.

With Shoflo, giving your whole crew access to real-time game scripts is easy. Invite your crew to the first game and your distribution of scripts is done for the season. The Philadelphia Phillies switched to Shoflo mid-season and within just a couple of games, saw the time spent on distributing documents decrease by 75%.

• Never print out a script again
• Accessible on tablets and mobile devices
• Add or change the order of elements on the fly
• Distribute updates to your crew in real-time

“Shoflo has been a godsend for us. I don’t think I could ever go back to paper scripts."

- David Belawski, UCF Knights  |  Check out the UCF Case Study

Make your game script as dynamic as your live game.

The ease of moving around the script elements has meant the Hornets can create an even more entertaining show for their fans.

• Instantly re-order elements during the game
• Track or call your games from any device
• Bulk move, cut & paste floating elements on the fly
• Instantly place global elements with a quick drag & drop

Give your crew access to the rundown

With Show Caller Tracking, your entire crew can follow the show caller around on game day as they advance from element to element, regardless of where they are in the arena. When a row is tracked, your screen will adjust to the new element and the row will become bright blue to really stand out. 

• See how much time is left on elements with the Item Run Time Clock
• Viewports will auto-scroll to display the newly tracked element
• Edits to the script are seen instantly by everyone
• Easily manage roles and editing access across your crew

“To be honest, we were blown away, I didn't realize just how much time Excel was costing my team until we switched to Shoflo."

- Mike Money, Clemson Tigers  |  Check out the Clemson Case Study

Track performance for reporting.

Shoflo automatically archives and organizes every game you run, and the accuracy of your scripts is automatic with proof of performance and auto time-stamping while sponsorship elements run, providing your marketing team with a script that reflects what actually happened during the game. 

• Add notes to timestamps for easy record keeping
• Place new timestamps at the click of a button
• Auto place timestamps when a row is tracked during the game
• Track how many times an element has run this season

Combine Your Prompter Scripts & Rundowns

Build your scripts right within your event rundown. Create a personalized column view for each user & easily export to PDF, XLS, and Word.


Share info quickly with built-in chat.

Be in active communication with your presenters and production team with real-time chat and also send clear, visual cues to presenters so they know when they are live and when they should be ready. 

Shoflo customer logos that include Facebook, Clemson, TedX, Walmart, and more