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Create production schedules, day sheets, onsite schedules & more.

Shoflo\'s real time production scheduling software

You're always making changes to the production schedule

And Google Sheets can't keep up

Your cue sheets the old way

Easily build and distribute your production schedules in Real Time!

The Pre-Production process can get messy with dozens of different versions spread out across different departments.  Keep your crew in tune by creating and editing your production schedules in Real Time.  Any edits you or a crew member make instantly propagate to everyone else's versions, eliminating duplicates and out of date schedules which saves you time and paper.

Shoflo real time production schedule template
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Tired of emailing 20+ people the latest versions of your schedules?

The pre-production process can often have 40+ draft versions of a production schedule... which is just plain crazy. Invite clients in to help you build your schedules and you'll save hours of labor and clean up your inbox by reducing emails back and forth. And if any last second changes hit on show day, you'll be able to react quickly and keep your crew on the same page.
Keep your call sheet templates up to date with Shoflo Schedules
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The Los Angeles Rams use Shoflo for their

Game Day Presentation

"Shoflo gave us a fresh start, revitalizing the way we worked with our scripts. The online platform was a much better workflow than Excel or Word and the instant updates made our game days run more efficiently."

- Chris Slepokura, Los Angeles Rams

Keep your vendors and venues up to speed with Guest Pass.

Send your hotel, caterer, or venue a Guest Pass link, a special read-only version of your schedule, that doesn't require an account to use.  It's perfect for the people you want to keep in the loop but might not necessarily need a full Shoflo account!

Shoflo lets you send clients a master production schedule to anyone with Guest Pass
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Know who made an edit and when with Undo & Activity Feed.

With Activity Feed, you'll no longer wonder who changed your content.  Activity Feed shows a continually updated feed with timestamped entries of cell edits and the user who made them. Coupled with restore/undo, you can restore the current state of any cell to any previous state with the click of a mouse.
Keep track of edits in your production schedule templates with Shoflo Activity Feed
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Real Time Edits

Any edit you or a crew member make instantly appears on everyone's screens

Desktop & Mobile

Build your schedules on your laptop in your office or on a tablet at the coffee shop

Import & Export

Import your schedules into Shoflo and export them to CSV, XLS, and PDF

Crew Permissions

Limit who can do what with four different crew permissions including a Read-Only view

Industry Standard Layouts means you don't start from scratch.

We built Schedule based on analyzing dozens of our customers existing schedules to ensure you'll feel right at home the moment you create your first schedule.  It's designed to look like a rendered PDF, but still be dynamic and real time.

Shoflo uses an industry standard layout for all of our call sheet templates
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Visually represent key elements with Global & Personal Highlights.

Global highlights offer the ability to visually group similar elements in your show for easy identification.  Add for example a green global highlight to all of your coffee breaks, yellows to your load outs, or a nice bright red to signify key deadlines.  

Visually highlight key elements in your production schedules inside of Shoflo
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Assign your crew Unique Editing Permissions to help you build.

Our four different crew permission levels allows you to fine tune what a crew member can and can't do.  Read-Only means a user can only view your schedule but can't make any edits while a Contributor can only make basic cell edits.  Admins can do anything while Show Callers get the power of running your shows with Show Caller tracking.

Shoflo\'s event scheduling software makes it easy to control crew permissions
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Church on the Move uses Shoflo to

serve their church

Shoflo customer Andrew Stone

"When you can make it personal you recognize the vested interest a production professional has in bringing something to life. And when people feel invested, their performance is better and the ministry performs better."

- Andrew Stone, Church on the Move

Shoflo customer Church on the Move

Auto Time Calculations means no more Excel formulas

With just the click of a mouse you can update your entire show's timings with Auto Time Calculations.  You can even make changes while your show is running.  If a speaker is running over their time, simply adjust the duration and we'll do the math for you!

Shoflos production scheduling software included easy auto time calculations
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Visually separate items with Title Rows

Distinguish different sections of your schedule with Title Rows, which are specially formatted rows that can't be missed.  Use them to highlight the start of new days or make sure your crew knows when lunch is.

Visually separate items in your production schedules with title rows
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Stop re-creating the same schedule with Schedule templates

Templates save you time by being able to get re-used throughout your event.  By creating a solid base of a schedule and saving it as a template, you can reuse it when creating new schedules in the future.  You can even copy that template to other events to use them there!

Reuse your schedules in the future with Shoflos production schedule templates
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Cramer relies on Shoflo to deliver

exceptional experiences

Shoflo customer Steve Francomano

"What Shoflo has enabled us to do here as a company, be lean, be efficient, be productive, not waste time, get rid of confusion between documents, is mind blowing. We know we can manage more projects and take on more workload because we are becoming more efficient."

- Steve Francomano, Cramer

Shoflo customer Cramer

Reduce costly billable hours and increase ROI

Shoflo can increase your crew's productivity by streamlining their production and technical workflow for live event production.  This means less money spent on billable hours which translates into a higher return on your investment and more cash in your pocket.

Shoflo\'s cost efficient and paperless production scheduling software can increase your ROI
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