Software for Live Event
Production Teams

Create your run sheets, production schedules, lists and docs in real-time.

Keep your crew on the same "page"

With Show Caller Tracking, your entire crew can follow the show caller around on the day of the event as they advance from cue to cue or between different shows, regardless of where they are in the arena. When a row is tracked, your viewport will auto adjust to the new item and the row will become bright blue to really stand out.

• See how much time is left with the Item Run Timeclock
• Track or call your shows from any device
• Viewports will auto-scroll to display the newly tracked item
• Help refine timing by using tracking during rehearsals

Stop struggling to keep your crew up to date

Events are fast-paced and constantly changing, often only minutes before they start. Legacy systems like Excel and paper don't have an easy way to make last-second changes. Instead of re-printing and re-distributing the newest version, just make your changes in Shoflo and they are instantly sent to everyone!

• Reorder items at the last second without having to reprint
• All edits are instantly sent to everyone on the show
• Track the show caller with real-time tracking
• Export to PDF, CSV, and XLS for handy backups

Collaborate with your team, client & crew

With our unique real-time and cloud-based event industry tools, you, your crew, and your client can all be drafting and iterating on your shows at the same time.  This means an end to emailing countless different versions of your show and having to piecemeal the revisions together.

• Assign four different permissions to control who can do what
• Activity Feed shows an edit by edit history of your cell
• Full cell history lets you restore cells to previous versions
• Make your cue sheet yours with personalization

"For the first time in production, Shoflo represents the way I want all my shows to be organized, distributed, and run from now on."

- Chris Drury, Drury Design Dynamics

Create templates for use on future shows

Templates allow you to create a solid base for a show and re-use that base when creating new shows.  Create your first General Session loaded with common base elements, save it as an event project plan template, and then re-use that template later without worrying about carrying over other people's content.

• Templates carry over highlights, images, and font formatting
• Edits made to templates won't affect other shows
• Use templates in other events with cross-event copy

Drastically reduce paper usage

We care a lot about going green which is why we made it possible to run your entire event without ever printing a sheet of paper.  With more and more clients and venues requesting green events, Shoflo's event production software is poised to reduce paper waste and save you money. 

• Shoflo's cloud-based platform is green and eco-friendly
• Real-time edits mean everyone is always up to date
• Save trees by running paperless events
• Reduce ancillary costs such as printing and printer rental

Combine Your Prompter Scripts & Rundowns

Build your scripts right within your event rundown. Create a personalized column view for each user & easily export to PDF, XLS, and Word.


Share info quickly with built-in chat.

Be in active communication with your presenters and production team with real-time chat and also send clear, visual cues to presenters so they know when they are live and when they should be ready. 

Shoflo customer logos that include Facebook, Clemson, TedX, Walmart, and more