New Features

We're constantly adding new features to Shoflo. Here are some of the latest!

Event Filters

Shoflo Event Filters

Another all new feature in Shoflo is the ability to filter your events by their label or by their owner. This is fantastic…
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Labels! Organize your events

  Brand new in Shoflo is an all new way to organize your events:  Labels! Labels are applied to events and can be used for…
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Introducing “Schedules” on Shoflo

We're super excited to announce Schedules, a brand new way to create your production, technical, and rehearsal schedules with the real-time power of…
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Introducing “Lists” on Shoflo

With Lists, you can create contact, vendor, asset, catering lists and more on the back of Shoflo's powerful real-time and collaborative functionality.
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Shoflo January Sharing

Column Order Reset Plus New Mobile Login & Registration Design

Shoflo just keeps getting better!  Today we pushed an update that included column order reset which allows show callers and admins to reset…
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