Software for producing virtual meetings and events.

Build agendas in real-time, coordinate with remote presenters, stay in sync with speaker time, and communicate via chat to make sure nothing is missed.

Collaborate on agendas in real-time.

Everything in Shoflo is real-time, so whether you're building out a simple "all staff" agenda or a full-size run of show for a remote virtual summit, Shoflo keeps you and your team up to date with live, instant edits. When you make a change... everybody sees it.

Keep presenters on-time. Every time.

Our timing tools help you accurately time out your meeting or show, and with a shared speaker timer, everyone, including remote presenters and distributed production team members, can know precisely how much time is left in the segment.

Move together with live tracking.

Our live tracking features allow your remote presenters and distributed tech teams to follow along live during your meetings down the seconds. You can run your meeting out of order, and everyone will stay tracking with you live.


Share info quickly with built-in chat.

Be in active communication with your presenters and production team with real-time chat and also send clear, visual cues to presenters so they know when they are live and when they should be ready. 

Virtual Meetings Webinar Highlights

Watch our CEO, Stephen Bowles, talk about the current status of the live events industry and how any organization can begin producing virtual meetings using Shoflo.

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