Broadcast Rundown Software

Give your audience a professional grade broadcast production by equipping your crew with a rundown software that keeps up with your show. 

Broadcast Rundown Software


“We use Shoflo to communicate between multiple locations. Everyone, no matter where they were in the world, knew exactly where the show was and who was up next.”
Sam Deans Director, Executive Producer at ESL UK


Build & manage all of your broadcast


Software that has helped broadcasting for ESL UK, CSGO, and more

Combine your Prompter Scripts & Rundowns


Combination of prompter scripts and rundowns

Edit your rundown on the fly

Real time edits are seen by everyone

Built in Prompter

Shoflo's Prompter View allows you to take any column in Shoflo into a full screen prompter view. Real time edits allows for changes to the script all the way up to show. All changes are seen instantly by everyone. 

Full-screen prompter view

Full Screen Item Run Time

Run-time clock

Control Room Display View

Control room display view

How ESL Manages Scripts for Live Esports Events

Sean Rainey

Sam Deans

Director, Executive Producer at ESL UK

A selection of Shoflo\'s game scripting customers