Broadcast Rundown

Equip your crew with a rundown software that keeps up with your show.

Edit your rundown on the fly.

Built-in Prompter

Shoflo's Prompter View allows you to take any column in Shoflo into a full-screen prompter view. Real-time edits allows for changes to the script all the way up to show. All changes are seen instantly by everyone.

• Easily toggle between prompter and rundown views
• Create personalized views for each user
• Build your prompter scripts from within your rundown
• Track the speaker's progress through the script

"We can often see something on the rundown two or three lines down, tap a quick note as we are live, and it reminds us that at that point, we're calling for something new to happen."

- ESL UK  |  Check out the ESL UK Case Study

Full-Screen Item Run Time

• Every item in your rundown can be assigned a time duration
• Shoflo automatically calculates timing for your entire broadcast
• Follow specific show callers as they advance from cue to cue
• Easily make adjustments to timing as the broadcast progresses

Control Room Display View

Combine Your Prompter Scripts & Rundowns

Build your scripts right within your event rundown. Create a personalized column view for each user & easily export to PDF, XLS, and Word.

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