Broadcast Rundown Software

Give your audience a professional grade broadcast production by equipping your crew with a rundown software that keeps up with your show. 

Broadcast Rundown Software


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Your production scripts are constantly changing

And Excel can't keep up

Your scripts the old way
Your game scripts the Shoflo way

Edit your rundown on the fly

Real time edits are seen by everyone

Built in Prompter

Shoflo's Prompter View allows you to take any column in Shoflo into a full screen prompter view. Real time edits allows for changes to the script all the way up to show. All changes are seen instantly by everyone. 

Easily toggle between prompter and rundown views

Create personalized views for each user

Build your prompter scripts from within your rundown

Track the speaker's progress through the script

Full-screen prompter view

How ESL Manages Scripts for Live Esports Events

"As a producer, I make sure everyone's on time. I use the space bar to tap down line by line in Shoflo. I can often see something on the rundown two or three lines down, tap a quick note in there as we are live and reminds me or someone else that, at that point, we're calling for something new to happen."


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Full Screen Item Run Time

Every item in your rundown can be assigned a time duration

Shoflo automatically calculates timing for your entire broadcast

Follow specific show callers as they advance from cue to cue

Easily make adjustments to timing as the broadcast progresses

Run-time clock

Control Room Display View

Optimize your rundown for large format monitors

Display Shoflo in the control room monitors

Keep your talent up to date in the green room

Display Shoflo on a monitor on the studio set

Control room display view

Combine Your Prompter Scripts & Rundowns

Build your scripts right within your event rundown. Create a personalized column view for each user & easily export to PDF, XLS, and Word. 

Shoflo reducing pre-game drafts