We love our customers, and they love us.

Here's what they have to say about Shoflo.

Customer Quotes & Snippets

"Amazing! This program is making our event programs a breeze. I love working in here versus a spreadsheet in Excel. So easy and convenient- it was a great switch and investment." 


Anonymous Customer
Executive Producer

JPL Creative

"At our latest event, we had crew and coordinators running all over the building, constantly in touch with what was coming up using Shoflo on laptops, tablets, and phones."


Randy Bretz


Cramer uses Shoflo on ALL of their events

What Shoflo has enabled us to do here as a company, be lean, be efficient, be productive, not waste time, get rid of confusion between documents, is mind blowing. We know we can manage more projects and take on more workload because we are becoming more efficient."  Read our Cramer case study!


Steve Francomano
VP of Technical Services, Cramer

Church on the Move

 Shoflo equips Andrew Stone where Planning Center falls short

"Shoflo has made it possible for me to quickly and effectively get information into people’s hands for a show without having a meeting or needing to explain things to people individually."  Read our CotM case study!


Andrew Stone
Production Manager, Church on the Move

Trinity Baptist Church

"We use Shoflo as our show calling software at my church.  The ability is has given us to make changes on the fly that update immediately over all of our machines is truly invaluable!  I don't know what we would do without it!"


Aaron Spencer
Production Director, Trinity Baptist Church

Nordic Business Forum

"If you are a serious event tech professional, you don't know how you have lived and made events before this.  No more Excels and paper cue sheets, this has made our Nordic Business Forum production even more solid and execution more perfect.  A must buy!"


Juha Leto
Event Producer, Nordic Business Forum

JPL Creative

"So far we've had a great experience in terms of ease of use, flexibility and great customer service.  Our rep is always available for troubleshooting, questions, and takes our feedback from what we're really looking for in this program."


Steph Couch
Event Producer, JPL Creative

Streamline Event Agency

"We use Shoflo for every event, whether or not someone is calling it live.  Real-time production notes will save your bacon.  One place for all the info will save your bacon.  Incredibly helpful and intuitive!"


Melanie Pherson
Event Manager, Streamline Event Agency

LA Rams

 The LA Rams use Shoflo for its efficiency over Excel

"Shoflo made working with the game script simple for my crew. They could highlight and take notes on what was important to them and hide anything that wasn’t. Cutting out the clutter made it easier for them to focus on running the game." Read our Rams case study!


Chris Slepokura
Director of Broadcast Production, LA Rams

Orlando Magic

The Magic use Shoflo for the 50% pre-production time savings

"Now when we make changes on the fly during a game everyone knows exactly what’s happening and exactly what’s been changed. It’s been a great change to our workflow, it’s made everyone more efficient and knowledgeable about what’s going on during the game."  Read our Magic case study!


Shelly Wilkes
Director of Event Presentation, Orlando Magic

JPL Creative

"Shoflo is cloud based and works with any device. With Shoflo, the stage manager updates the system and every position sees it at once. We love the product."


Michael Rich
Technical Dir., North Coast Men's Chorus

Nerium International

"I've been using Shoflo for 2 years and it's the best software out there.  I won't do another event without Shoflo to keep my team on track."


Brittani Arrington
Event Production Manager, Nerium International

Philadelphia Phillies

"From my perspective, my day-to-day shuffling of papers and day-to-day worrying about consistency have really diminished, if not was totally eliminated with having Shoflo. And it, quite frankly, made my job that much easier."



Philadelphia Phillies

Mary kay

"We have been searching for a solution for our fully scripted, paper scripts that include staging, props, and ques. We have been able to consolidate many of our extremely time-consuming pre-production processes, and we are still discovering many additional solutions it will provide us."


Ginger Evans
Program Planner, Mary Kay Inc

Nerium International

"I've been using Shoflo for 2 years and it's the best software out there.  I won't do another event without Shoflo to keep my team on track."


Brittani Arrington
Event Production Manager, Nerium International

Drury Design Dynamics

 Drury ❤️'s Shoflo for its ease of use

"For the first time in production history...Shoflo represents the way I want all my shows to be organized, distributed and run from now on.  The type of innovative products that I want for our industry, I highly recommend it."


Chris Drury
Owner, Drury Design Dynamics


KBOgroup impresses their clients by using Shoflo

"Shoflo makes us look so much better… when we first bring it to a client they are always impressed."  Read our KBOgroup case study!


Keith Oberfeld

Owner, KBOgroup


"As ShoFlo has developed, the ShoFlo team has been very open to suggestions for improvement and quick to implement changes to help make our shows a success. It is this wonderful support that truly makes a great product."


Mark Neumann


Streamline Event Agency

 Streamline has cut prep time in half by using Shoflo

"It's hard to remember event life before Streamline began using Shoflo. Partially because I've blocked out the spreadsheet formatting nightmares that used to take up so much time. It's been a game-changer for us. The prep time has been cut in half, we've saved on ink with the share features, and calling the shows has become much more efficient. It's easy to use, always finding ways to improve, and I couldn't recommend it highly enough!"


Ellie Crumbaugh
Event Manager, Streamline Event Agency


"Love the fact that if I have a question someone is ready for a chat to help me whenever. Customer service is amazing!"


LeAnn Bird,

World Outreach Church

"I have enjoyed using shoflo. It has made creating our services easier and also easier to keeping everyone on the same page with current updates. Special Events have really been better as to those shows have more changes and we get closer and this keeps everyone up to date."


Derric West
Technical Director, World Outreach Church

"If by some odd chance you feel like you aren't helping make the world a better place, we want you to know you seriously are ... right now! Your technology is aiding us in growing and building up our nation's young leaders. Thank you thank you thank you."

-Executive Producer