Show Pro has joined Shoflo

Video Announcement

A message from Stephen Bowles, Founder of Shoflo

What is Shoflo?

Shoflo provides real time production software for live events. Our tools help production teams create real time rundowns, distribute live production schedules, share show files and more. Our founder, Stephen Bowles, is from the show industry with a background in directing cameras for live events. He saw the problem of outdated versions of the cue sheets first hand. 

What about my Show Pro license? 

No worries :) If you have purchased Show Pro, you are free to continue using it. We will continue supporting Show Pro customers via support tickets and more. 


Do I have to switch to Shoflo?

Nope. There is no required or forced transition from the Show Pro software to the Shoflo software. We do hope that you would take a look at the all of the awesomeness we have been building for years in the Shoflo software and consider for yourself how Shoflo could make your life easier on show site. 

Is there a way for me to try Shoflo?

Absolutely! We would love to see how you and your team use Show Pro for your events. We will import your Show Pro event into Shoflo and show you what it would look like. There is SO much that Shoflo can do for you. We can't wait to show it to you.

Use the blue chat icon bottom right of this screen or

Call (866) 774-0026 or


Any differences between Shoflo & Show Pro?

A ton actually. Shoflo has not only focused on the rundown but also the greater production workflow for years. You can build production schedules, video asset lists, share show document files and much much more. Also, our rundown software has MANY advanced features including additional time features, per character font formatting, export to PDF, XLS & word, link sharing and much much more. You really have to see it for yourself! 

Have you checked out Shoflo yet?

We have a special offer for show pro customers.