Spread the Love

Give any Production Team a free Shoflo event!

We love everything about live events - the excitement and technology but most importantly the people who make the magic happen.  We'd love to equip you to bring Shoflo to your next event and help us change the industry for the better.  If you've experienced how Shoflo helps save companies time and improve communication you can spread the word!

Here's how this works...

1 - Say Hi

Send an email to love@shoflo.tv letting us know you'd like to join our referral program and who you'd like to give an event to. (or just send us their contact info if you'd prefer)

2 - We take care of the rest

We'll reach out to your colleague and schedule a demo to set up their event & walk thru using the software.  (you can be as involved as you like)

3 - Everyone wins

They get a free event & you get a sweet t-shirt!  (we'll need your mailing address)

Common Questions
How many times can I do this?
A whole lot. You can give one free event to every production team you know who isn't already a Shoflo customer.
How much time will this take?
Not much. You can just shoot us a note and leave the rest to us or stay involved throughout, it's up to you.
Will the t-shirt be cool?
We think so. It's a simple Shoflo shirt with our logo - we wear them all the time.
Is the demo required?
Yep. We want to make sure your colleague has a great experience.