Powerful Industry Specific Features

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Row Highlighting

You can add personal highlights to rows and only you will see them. Admins & Show callers can also add global highlights to rows that everybody can see.

Keep your own notes

Every show has a "My Notes" column which is just for you. You can put any notes you want in there and no one else will see it but you.

Re-order your columns

You can personally re-order columns in your cue sheet & hide columns that you don't want to see. Your column display is unique to you and won't mess up what anyone else sees.

Font Formatting

You can easily change the text size & color of a cell. Select a cell and make your changes with the font formatting bar in the header. Give it a shot!

Show Caller Tracking

Track your Show Caller to see which cue they are on and how much time is left. The Time of Day is also shown to keep everyone in sync.

Let us walk you and your team through all the features of Shoflo with a 20 minute online demonstration of the software.

Light Switch

Choose your own path--join the dark side of the Cue for when you're back stage on an event, or embrace the light when you're building your show in your office.  All with the flick of a switch.

Universal Side Nav

Go anywhere in Shoflo... from anywhere in Shoflo.  Use our universal side nav to easily navigate between pages in Shoflo.  

Simple Crew Inviting

You can easily search for and add users in the database to your event or simply invite new users with their email.  Pre-set their editing permissions so that when they join your event, they're all set up and ready to go.

PDF, XLS, and CSV Export

Export your shows to PDF, XLS, or CSV for a handy backup or for other needs.  With CSV exporting, you can export shows to a CSV, make changes in Excel, and reimport to your event.

CSV Import

You can import your existing Excel shows into Shoflo by saving them as CSVs, provided you have properly formatted them.  You can also export existing Shoflo shows as CSVs for use in Excel, and then reimport those same CSVs into Shoflo.

Let us walk you and your team through all the features of Shoflo with a 20 minute online demonstration of the software.

Dedicated mobile layout

We don't simply slap our desktop site into a mobile view  We've built an entirely new and innovate mobile experience that is perfect for show callers and techs on the move who run their shows on phones and tablets.

Guest Pass

Invite your client or a stakeholder to a read-only version of your show with Guest Pass.  No login or account required!

It's about time

We offer so many powerful timing features.  Use cue durations to automatically calculate the start times of the cues that follow.  Preset times help you set a target run time for your show and see how you're matching up. The Item Runtime clock lets you and your crew know how long you have left in a cue (or if you've gone over).  And there's much more!

Simple show switching

Need to copy over a cue from another show?  Use our show selector drop down to easily switch between shows in your event.  When tracking is enabled, Show Callers can also bring their crew along with them to cues within a totally different show.

Insert images and gifs into cells

Our customer's use image inserts in many different ways.  Our corporate customers use images to insert profile pictures of guests for camera operators to identify, sports teams use images to insert the logos of sponsors, and churches use them to display the graphics for the days' services.

Let us walk you and your team through all the features of Shoflo with a 20 minute online demonstration of the software.

One-on-one live support

Need help with something?  Click the blue chat icon in the bottom right of your screen to bring up our one-on-one live chat support with one of our support specialists.  You can also call us at 866-774-0026.

Fine tune your show settings

Other apps bury their settings menus behind layers of their UI.  We make it easy to access and simple to navigate.  Just click the pencil edit icon when hovering over a show to access show-specific settings.

Save shows for later use

Want to save a version of a show or keep a ready-made template for future use?  All you need to do is click the save icon when hovering over a show and it will be saved for your use later.

Title Rows

Title rows offer an excellent way to section out your shows for visual differentiation.  Visually group similar cues together for easy sorting and identification.  Sports production teams for example, love using title rows to section cues off into different quarters.

Let us walk you and your team through all the features of Shoflo with a 20 minute online demonstration of the software.

Shoflo EDU

We're building out an expansive Shoflo learning library for all parts of Shoflo so whether you're a brand new user or a battle hardened producer you'll have all the answers on how to use Shoflo at your fingertips.


Did an intern delete hours of your hard work?  No worries!  We offer a full edit-by-edit history of every cell in your show so you can go back to any point in time to retrieve and restore your old content.

Activity Feed

Want to see who changed your cell or added a bunch of rows?  Well now you can with Activity Feed!  Activity Feed is a chronological timeline showing all edits made to your show, who made them, and the exact time they made the edit.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Make edits and create new content in your show without ever touching your mouse with over 20 keyboard shortcuts for both Mac & Windows.  View the full list of shortcuts here.

Bulk Edits

Duplicate, copy, cut and paste rows in bulk with bulk row edits.  You can even bulk copy and paste between shows or between events!

We've barely scratched the surface of what Shoflo can do for your events.

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