Shoflo Event Manager

Manage all of your events from one digital showbook

Shoflo Event Manager

There are always changes in production

And Excel can't keep up

Are you still building in Excel?

Stop creating everything
from scratch.

Shoflo comes packaged with everything you need to create and run your events faster and more efficiently.  No more complicated Excel timing functions, conditional formatting, or wrangling with a simple image insert.  We handle all that for you so you can focus on creating your shows.  You can also build templates for shows, event production schedules, and lists that you can use as a base for creating new shows.

Shoflo CUE
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Use Labels to filter events by type or progress.

Labels offer a colorful and easy way to tag and filter your events.  Assign a "Pre-Production" label to the events you're still building, or add a location label so your crew quickly knows where each event is.  You can also filter events by labels to only show the events tagged with a certain label.

Shoflo Labels
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Cramer relies on Shoflo to deliver

exceptional experiences

Shoflo customer Steve Francomano

"What Shoflo has enabled us to do here as a company, be lean, be efficient, be productive, not waste time, get rid of confusion between documents, is mind blowing. We know we can manage more projects and take on more workload because we are becoming more efficient."

- Steve Francomano, Cramer

Shoflo customer Cramer

Use Event Owners to filter events by executive producer or client.

The event owner can be the executive producer, the show caller, or the client and sorting by event owner offers a visual way to know who is in charge of your events.  If you're running multiple events at the same time, you can filter your list of events by a particular owner and only show the events being run by that person!

Shoflo event owners
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Easily Duplicate Events to pick up where you left off last year.

If you're running the same event as last year, you can easily duplicate that event and it will carry over all of your crew, shows, schedules, lists, and templates—complete with all of your content exactly as you left it!

Shoflo Duplicate Events
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Easily Set Event Dates to manage upcoming vs past events.

Set your event's start and end date to be the full range of when you're creating, running, and reviewing your event.  As soon as an event ends, it becomes read-only so you don't have to worry about someone messing or editing with the event to preserve it for future use.

Shoflo Event Dates
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Invite Team Admins to your team so they can help you manage.

Teams use Shoflo to manage and create event projects across their team.

Shoflo Team Admins
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Drury Design uses Shoflo to produce


"For the first time in production, Shoflo represents the way I want all my shows to be organized, distributed, and run from now on."

- Chris Drury, Drury Design Dynamics

Brand Your Events with simple logo uploads.

Bring in that awesome branding of yours by uploading a team logo which will appear throughout the dashboard on all events your team creates.  You can also upload event-specific branding such as an event logo or promo image that will appear in the dash as well as on your shows, schedules, and lists--perfect for making those clients smile!

Shoflo Event Branding
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Invite Crew directly to your event and assign them permissions.

Effortlessly invite crew with existing Shoflo accounts to your events, or send email invites containing a signup link to those who don't.  You can manage each crew member's permission with four different permission levels including Admin, Show Caller, Contributor and Read-Only.  Read more about permissions here!

Shoflo Crew Inviting
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Whether it's 5 events or 500 , you can manage them all.

We built Shoflo's event production software to cater to companies running five hundred events as easily as a company running five. With filters, labels, and owners you can easily manage multiple events running at the same time. Invite someone to be a team admin to include them on every event, or duplicate events to carry over a previous event's crew.

Shoflo Event Manager
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Church on the Move uses Shoflo to better

serve their church

Shoflo customer Andrew Stone

"I had discovered it was taking us up to 4 hours of cumulative time to build a runsheet for an event… the first thing I noticed with Shoflo is that it doesn’t take four hours anymore. In fact, it takes us mere minutes."

- Andrew Stone, Church on the Move

Shoflo customer Church on the Move

Stop recreating the same things with templates.

Templates save you time by letting you reuse your basic table layout, elements, data and other formatting from an existing show, schedule, or list so that you'll never have to build another from scratch. You can even copy that event project plan template to other events to use them there!

Shoflo Templates
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A simple hierarchy to organize your productions.

Our design makes it easy to organize your events and projects.  A Team Account runs events, and each event contains its own shows, schedules, lists, docs and invited crew. Each event is self contained so you don't have to worry about things overlapping or colliding.

Shoflo Event Hierarchy
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Create shows, schedules, lists and docs all in one place.

Build and distribute every aspect of your event in Shoflo.  Use Cue to create your run downs, Schedules for production and technical schedules, Lists for contact or equipment lists, and event document management to upload everything you can't build in Shoflo and keep it all organized one place where it can be easily accessed by every crew member on the event. Want to see how other teams are using Shoflo? Check out our event case studies.

Shoflo Event Manager
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