Shoflo Docs

Easily upload and share your production documents with client and crew, from one central location

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Keeping track of show files is tough

Are you still emailing attachments?

Stop switching tabs just to manage your production documents.

With Shoflo Docs, you can upload your stage renderings, walk-on audio files, intro graphics, PDFs, receipts, cat gifs and more for your entire crew to view.

Easily manage your production documents with Shoflo Docs
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Upload production documents from your computer and access them on any device

Upload your stage renderings from your laptop at the office and preview them when you're onsite getting things set up.

Manage your production sheets and production documents in one place
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Real Time Access

Docs are instantly available to your team after uploading


Your docs can be accessed from any device

Import & Export

Import to share with your crew and export for editing and printing

Easily linkable

Send links to crew or link to files from within your shows

The Los Angeles Rams use Shoflo for their

Game Day Presentation

"Our first season with Shoflo was a success and the team really got behind the online platform. Switching to Shoflo improved our game day operations and overall execution."

- Chris Slepokura, Los Angeles Rams

File security and reliability that 
you can trust

All of your files are stored on Amazon Web Services, which powers some of the web's biggest companies, so you can rest easy that your files won't be seen by prying eyes. Limit who can upload and delete files by setting their permission level to Contributor or Read Only.
Rest assured knowing that your production documents are safe and secure with Amazon Web Service
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Clients can upload the latest presentations and assets

Rather than navigating to another hosting service to download the latest files, have your client upload them directly to Shoflo Docs so you can access everything in one place.

Clients can upload production templates, productions documents and more with Shoflo Docs
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Distribute everything you can't (yet) build in Shoflo

Upload and share PowerPoint presentations, audio files, videos and stage renderings directly into Shoflo so they can be shared and distributed to everyone on your event. Docs are event specific, so you don't have to worry about crew in another event getting access to files you don't want them to see.

Upload any type of production document with Shoflo Docs
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Church on the Move uses Shoflo to better

serve their church

Shoflo customer Andrew Stone

"Shoflo has made it possible for me to quickly and effectively get information into people’s hands for a show without having a meeting or needing to explain things to people individually."

- Andrew Stone, Church on the Move

Shoflo customer Church on the Move