Shoflo CUE

The fastest and easiest show cue system for creating real time production rundowns, cue sheets, show flows & game scripts.
rundowns created in shoflo show cue system

You're always making changes to your rundowns

And Excel can't keep up

Your cue sheets the old way
Your cue sheets the new Shoflo  way

Industry Standard Layouts means it's going to feel familiar.

Whether you're a veteran of the industry or on your first event, you'll feel right at home within the Shoflo cue system.  Our table-based layout allows for items, start times, durations, as well as video, audio, and lighting columns.  You can customize everything within Shoflo.  

You can also easily duplicate last years event.

example of a cue sheet layout in Shoflo
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Cut out the email attachments and paper waste with Real Time Edits.

When you make an edit in Shoflo CUE, it is instantly seen by all users across all devices. You won't need to create "draft" versions of your cue sheet anymore since all edits in Shoflo are saved automatically. We even have an activity feed to show you who made which edit and where.
Shoflo customer Steve Francomano

“We can change a video order with a click of a button. It’s so seamless. It could happen two seconds before your show and it doesn’t matter. Everyone sees the change in real time and says ‘I’m on board with that.’”

Steve Francomano, Cramer

edits in Shoflo rundowns are saved in real time
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Keep your crew on the same page with Show Caller Tracking.

A key feature of Shoflo CUE is the ability for the crew to auto follow the Show Caller as they advance from element to element. You can have multiple Show Callers each broadcasting their current position in their rundowns. Show Caller Tracking keeps your production on the same page.

  • Rehearse out of order
  • Jump between shows
  • Stay on the same page
  • Auto scrolling
Shoflo\'s Show Caller Tracking keeps your crew on the same production sheet in real time
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Drury Design uses Shoflo to produce


Shoflo customer Chris Drury

"For the first time in production, Shoflo represents the way I want all my shows to be organized, distributed, and run from now on."

- Chris Drury, Drury Design Dynamics

Drury Design uses Shoflo on big events

Make it yours with highlights & notes

Just like you would a printed show flow, everybody can add their own personal highlights and add private notes in Shoflo.  The "My Notes" column offers a way to record private notes for your personal use and personal highlights offer a visual indicator to remind you of items relevant to you.  The great thing is, when the producer moves elements up or down, your private notes and highlights follow, no more having to transfer your notes from version to version!

Shoflo let\'s you add private notes and personal highlights to your rundowns

Only show what matters to you

Everybody in Shoflo can hide and reorder columns according to their role.  If you're the A1 or LD, you can hide columns that simply don't apply to you.  As a producer, you can now add more columns than you traditionally would have since every user can hide and reorder as necessary.  Custom column orders makes it easier to combine multiple documents into one and share with more people.

Shoflo lets you personalize your production sheet view

Per cell Undo & Activity Feed gives your crew more flexibility.

Our unique undo functionality gives you the entire history of every cell in your show so you can see who made each edit, when they made it, and restore to past edits with a single click.  The Activity Feed showcases a running log of activity in your show so you can monitor what edits are being made.

Shoflo cue sheet template edit undo
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Easily Import your show from last year or Export your Shoflo to PDF.

Import your shows, schedules, and lists from last year's event with our CSV Import and export your existing shows to Personal & Generic PDF, XLS, and CSV.  Your whole crew doesn't even have to use Shoflo through a device since we made it easy to export to PDF and print—they won't even know a difference.

Import rundowns from excel into Shoflo
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Easy link sharing with Guest Pass keeps everyone "else" in the know.

Guest Pass is for the greater ring of people who want to see what's going on but don't necessarily need a login to make edits to your show.  Typically used by hotel venues and third party venues, it's easy to generate a read-only link to your show and send it to anyone.  They can easily bookmark the URL and every time they go to it they'll see the latest version of Shoflo.  This significantly reduces the quantity of email attachments and general confusion about which version is up to date.  

Shoflo publicly shareable show cue system
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The Orlando Magic use Shoflo for their In Game Presentation

Shoflo customer Shelly Wilkes

"Now when we make changes on the fly during a game everyone knows exactly what's happening and exactly what’s been changed. It’s been a great change to our workflow, it’s made everyone much more efficient as well as more knowledgeable about what's going on during the game."

- Shelly Wilkes, Orlando Magic

Magic using Shoflo for game presentation of call sheet templates

Keep track of time with the
Item Run Time Clock.

Every item in Shoflo can be given a duration, and we can keep track of how long you've been in your current item.  When the presenter hits the stage for a 10 minute key note, you can keep track of how long they've been on stage and how much time they have left. You can also expand the Item Run Time clock to full screen mode and even run it out to the downstage monitor for your presenter.
shoflo speaker timer item run time clock
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Visually represent key elements with global & personal highlights.

Producers and Show Callers can use global highlights to turn an entire row green for videos, or yellow for IMAG.  You can use a range of colors to really bring your cue sheet to life and visually drive your crew and clients' attention to certain elements.

Personal highlights add an accent color to the top of any element and are seen on a per-user basis.

highlight items in rundowns with hightlights
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Everybody has their own Private Notes Column.

Write notes and reminders just like you would with pen and paper that are visible only to you via the private notes column.  You can put anything you want in there and nobody else will see them--perfect for personal instructions and reminders so you never miss a cue!

add private notes to your rundowns in Shoflo
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Assign crew Editing Permissions to help you build.

Shoflo comes with various  permission levels so you can control exactly who can make changes.  You can give your A1 or LD a contributor permission and they can help make edits only to cells relevant to them, which in turn makes your Shoflo all the more accurate.

Read more on each permission level here!

manage show production staff permission levels
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Auto Time & Item Calculations means no more Excel formulas

With just the click of a mouse you can update your entire show's timings with Auto Time Calculations.  You can even make changes while your show is running.  If a speaker is running over their time, simply adjust the duration and we'll do the math for you!  If you know exactly when an item is supposed to start, you can easily override a start time and bypass the auto time calculations.

By default, item numbers will auto recount as well.  Show Callers and Producers can convert item numbers into manual mode and lock item numbers to specific rows.

Automatically calculate item timing and numbering in your rundowns
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Visually group items with
Title Rows

Title Rows allow you to visually separate and group items together. Call out a speaker's keynote section, title a group of panel elements, or block a series of elements for the first quarter timeout.

title rows for your cue sheet templates
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Bring your rundowns to life with Images & Links

With images, you can insert headshots of your presenter for visual recognition, lower third and full screen graphics for the AV team, and video thumbnails. You can also link to your files in Shoflo Docs, external cloud file sharing services, Spotify playlists, and more. Bring your Shoflo to life with images and links!
images and links can be inserted into cue sheets
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Easily duplicate and create cue sheet templates.

It's very easy in Shoflo to take what you've already worked on and duplicate it into a new show, or, even better, save a template for future use.  You can also save a timestamped saved version of any show at any time for reference.  Nothing is hard deleted in Shoflo.

create cue sheet templates
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Reduce costly, inefficient billable hours and increase your ROI 

Shoflo saves your event and production team billable hours because your entire crew can now collaborate together which means less time spent waiting for updated printed versions.

Shoflo customer Shelly Wilkes

“When [Tyler] was starting with the excel system we were using, it was taking him about a day to build an entire script. He’s cut down on that time by at least 50% so that he’s now able to take on more roles and responsibilities within our department.”

Shelly Wilkes, Orlando Magic

Shoflo can help increase your ROI
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The Los Angeles Rams use Shoflo for their

Game Day Presentation

"Shoflo gave us a fresh start, revitalizing the way we worked with our scripts. The online platform was a much better workflow than Excel or Word and the instant updates made our game days run more efficiently."

- Chris Slepokura, Los Angeles Rams