A Big Shoflo Update: April 27, 2016


On April 27 we deployed one of our biggest product updates since Phoenix packed full with almost 20 new features, performance improvements, and stability fixes.  The full change log is below.

  1. An entirely revamped new user signup process that should alleviate the scenarios where crew would signup with the wrong email address.  Here’s what’s new:
    1. We removed the ability to create an individual account in the absence of an invite, since individual accounts who haven’t been invited or are not a member of a team can’t really do much.
    2. Now, when you send an invite to a person without an account, they’ll be sent an invitation with a link containing a unique token assigned to that invite.  When they click the link, they’ll be taken to the signup form with their email pre-filled.  This should hopefully eliminate the instances where you invite johndoe@gmail.com but they sign up with jdoe@gmail.com and wonder where there events are.
  2. The ability to convert existing shows, schedules and lists to another format.  So you can now convert a show to a schedule or list, a schedule to a list or show, and a list to a show or schedule!
    1. You must be a team admin, admin, or show caller to be able to convert.
    2. Hover over the show, schedule, or list you wish to convert and click the cog edit button.  From the dropdown, select the type want it to become and it’ll be converted!
    3. Note:  If you’re converting from a show to a schedule, you’ll need to move the content in your Items column to a normal contributor column.shoflo-april27-convert
  3. Send a copy of a show, schedule, or list to another event with a couple of clicks of your mouse.  This can be coupled with custom templates to send these templates between your events for easy re-use.
    1. You must be a team admin to be able to copy shows to another event.
    2. Hover over the show, schedule, or list you wish to send to another event and click the cog edit button.  From the dropdown, select “Copy to another event”.  The modal will display a list of active & upcoming events associated with the team(s) on which you are a team admin.
    3. Select the event you want to send the copy to, and then click “Copy to selected event.”  The confirmation box will contain a link to the event.
  4. Keyboard shortcuts in column dropdowns.  We have a ton of awesome keyboard shortcuts and you can now see the the column-specific ones in the column dropdown menu.
  5. Large and Extra Large font sizes now properly grow the row height–no more cutoff text!
  6. Links in guest pass are now clickable links
  7. Asterisks are now gone for crew and team admin emails when in the user and team dash, but they still exist in crew and team admin invite to preserve privacy.
  8. Event end dates now properly show the month

As usual, we’re working on a lot of awesome new features such as a rebuilt Import CSV process and an all new view and layout option for your shows that should arrive in the coming weeks!

What is Shoflo?

Shoflo is an Orlando based company focused on software solutions for the broadcast and live event production industry.